Aaron Beast On The Track

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I was born in Newburgh New York on June 14, 1996 as Aaron Melvin as a child growing up in Newburgh I was a sponkey lil one but yeah I was little if you see me now im real big but any way life in newburgh was kinda fun but yet has alot of drama but when I was a child the world was like a playground non
stop darecare for Aaron Beast but as much as I wanted to I wanted to take life more real and I waned yo learn more stuff as I went along and I didnt know wat I wanted todo I wanted todo alot of thangs but there is only one thing that I know can and will help me in life I say that I want to become a big time rapper not for the money or for the fame I just want to make people feel gud I dont wanna just get in a studio and say anything like yea uh cool no when I write my songs I work long and hard when I was 10 years old I wrote a song called move on and that song is really deep I think thats why I take my music more serously than I did then when I was 12 years I recorded my very first song it was called Da Cool Mess I was still starting out so I wasent able to take pride and write a good song cause when I get the chance to write a song I take my rap notebook and I write some times I freestyle and I kinda sound gud but as you know im still working on the words

In 2004 my mother Nichole Arnold died of brain cancer and it was the worst day of my life the I waled up to her and kissed on her fore head while she was laying in that casket was a depressing, scared, dramtic day of my life and that day I will never forget any thats another reason i take my music so serously so after that day when I write my song I write them wit words but I rap them wit truth then after my mother it was my aunt and my uncle that died and speakin how I am today I will have to say all those people will be missed

In 2006 I moved in saint paul minneasota and a quiet place when I looked out side I could never seem to find a kid to play wit some one to talk to or hang out wit sat in the backyard lookin real lonley and all I had was my notebook and a pencil and some words in my head that was ready to get out if not in someones ears on a sheet of paper didnt goto school till a few months later went to phalen lake elementry for 2 years then I left to goto Jr  High Humblot JR. High

Humbolt jr high wasent one of my favoret school to be in if your late to class you get to sit in a room wit a lady wit nappy hair and a vice princibal wit the same type of hair 2 man that school was wierd but i delt wit it stayed there till seventh grade went 3 days for 8th grade then left but then i was so damn happy

 Now here i am today a boy whos right now working his ass of trying to get signed by any company dats willing to sign me im writing songs about life, love, passion, and truth, staying real and not giving up so my name is Aaron Beast thanks fore reading this I hope you luv the site